Miho Museum

Highly recommended
There would be no trace of human civilisation in this vista of irregular mountains, were it not for the entrance to Miho Museum, whose glass infrastructure reflects the sun. This museum in the middle of nowhere, designed by IM Pei, is buried under the earth. Daylight, harnessed by light shelves, circulates freely through the cleverly laid-out collection. The works are truly exceptional, and masterpiece after masterpiece leads you through Ancient history (Asia, Middle East, Greco-Roman world). The Buddhist statue of Gandhara (2C) and the Dionysus Mosaic (3C) alone make the trip worthwhile.

Useful information

Address : 

Tashiro - Momodani - Shigaraki 300, 529 1814 Shiga


+81 748-82-3411


1000 ¥

Opening hours

10am-5pm - closed Mon - closed 11 Jun-6 Jul and 10 Dec-2 Mar