San Juan Quarter

This old colonial quarter of Sancti Spíritus is centred on the streets between Calle Panchito Jiménez and the Río Yayabo river. Its colourful little houses roofed with renovated tiles and its paved streets are reminiscent of Trinidad, but less touristy. Far from the noise of traffic, head down to the banks of the river. To the right is the silhouette of the Puente Yayabo; spanning the river of the same name, this medieval-style stone bridge was built in 1825.

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Calle Panchito Jiménez Sancti Spíritus

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Palacio de Valle Iznaga
Palacio de Valle Iznaga
This palace now houses the Museo de Arte
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Zaza Reservoir
With a capacity of 1 020 million m3,
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