Baba Vida Fortress

The Baba Vida Fortress features elements from various periods. The octagonal tower goes back to Roman times. The central keep and its annexes date from the Middle Ages. The rooms overlooking the courtyard were built during the Ottoman occupation. Finally, three of the towers are Austrian. Beyond the barbican and the entrance bastion, one goes through concentric defence walls into the courtyard. There, on the Danube side, you will see a summer theatre. Before leaving, climb to the top of the fortress: the view of the river and of the Balkan to the South is splendid.

Useful information

Address : 

3700 Vidin


4 bgn

Opening hours

summer: 8am-5pm, Bank Hols 9am-5.30pm; winter: 9am-5pm, Bank Hols 10am-5pm

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