Hlebine Gallery

This gallery has a fantastic collection of canvases signed by the most famous artists of the "Croatian naïve" art school. Among the works on show are paintings by Mirko Virius (note his Procession), Ivan Lackovic-Croata, Mijo Kovacic (Harvest) and Ivan Vecenaj (a superb snow-bound village and red sky). But the museum's pride and joy remains without doubt the works by the greatest Croatian naïve artist, Josip Generalic (Self-portrait, Red Cattle and Horses, Crucifixion in the Snow, Crucified Cockerel, Eiffel Tower at Hlebine, etc.).

Useful information

Address : 

Trg Ivana Generalica 15


10 hrk (children 5 hrk)

Opening hours

daily except Sun 10am-4pm (Sat 2pm)