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When to go

When to go: 

Summer and winter, each for different reasons, are the best seasons for a trip to the Jura. In summer, temperatures can soar to 30°C in the plains, so head for the lakes, forests or mountains for swimming, walking and hiking.
Winter is very cold and snowy, the perfect conditions for heading to Les Rousses, a top spot for cross-country skiing! In early March, don't miss the start of the Transjurassienne, a Nordic ski race through the Forêt du Massacre. But the winter season is not of interest only to the sporty: in February, the Percée du Vin Jaune wine festival is held in one of the villages in the AOC area.
Spring and autumn are rather short seasons, during which snow and the cold can arrive at any moment. However, the spectacle of the Cascades du Hérisson is at its most spectacular in autumn, when the waterfall is swelled after a period of heavy rain… It's well worth the walk, but wear your raincoat.