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When to go: 

Paris is a city that is worth visiting at any time of year, but for exploring the surrounding Île-de-France region we would recommend a trip in springtime, up to the start of summer, and early autumn.
As for the weather, spring can be lovely. June, meanwhile, is most certainly the month for parks and gardens, with numerous events turning the spotlight on nature as it reawakens from its slumber.
The period from late August to late October sees a series of emblematic events: Europe's largest firework display and the Rock en Seine festival in Saint-Cloud; concerts in a different style are held in autumn at the Palace of Versailles. In September-October, the Festival d'Île-de-France encompasses some 30 concerts, played against the backdrop of the forests as they turn to gold.
Finally, why avoid summer and winter? Because in August business all but grinds to a halt, so restaurants and shops can be closed. And in winter, it is quite cold and usually not very sunny.