Grotte des Demoiselles

Highly recommended
This crevice in the plateau of Thaurac dominates the Hérault Valley. Right from the entrance, visitors are struck by the size and number of the concretions. Narrow corridors lead to a sort of platform overlooking the central part of the cave, an immense chamber 120m long, 80m wide and 50m high. Walkways lead round the chamber as far as the legendary stalagmite resembling a Virgin and Child. Turn back and admire the impressive set of "organ pipes", before continuing past beautiful draperies.

Useful information

Address : 

St-Bauzille-de-Putois, 34190 Ganges


+33 4 67 73 70 02


10.30 € (-17 years old 7.90 €)

Opening hours

Jul-Aug: 10am-6pm; Apr-Jun and Sep: 10am-5.30pm; Mar and Oct: 2.30pm-4.30pm, Sun 10am-4.30pm; rest of year: 2pm-4pm, Sun and school hols 10am-4pm - closed end Christmas school hols-beg. Feb school hols