Micropolis, Cité des Insectes

This interactive space is all about insects. You will find out what these little beasts are, how they behave, where they live, what they eat and what their contribution to mankind and the environment is. A 3D film, activities and portholes uncover the world of the residents of the City of Insects. In the Carnival of Insects, human and insect proportions are switched, giving visitors the impression that they are tiny next to ants, butterflies and other creatures that have become giants!

Useful information

Adresse : 

Le Bourg


+33 5 65 58 50 50


13.80 € (-12 years old 9.50 €)

Opening hours

Jul-Aug: 10am-7pm; Apr-Jun: 10am-6pm; rest of year: telephone for timetable - closed mid Nov- Feb school hols