Museo Nazionale Archeologico

The museum's centrepieces are the two Warriors of Riace, bronze statues discovered in 1972 at the bottom of the sea ... but these proud warriors rising out of the water should not lead visitors to neglect an attractive collection of pinakes, terracotta bas-reliefs from the 5C BC which were used as ex-votos and were dedicated to Persephone, wife of Hades. The museum is undergoing renovation: during the work, the Riace Bronzes and major works of the museum are exhibited in the Campanella Palazzo, headquarters of the Consiglio regionale della Calabria, via Cardinal Portanova.

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Address : 

Piazza de Nava 26


+39 0965 812255


5 €

Opening hours

9am-7.30pm - partly open for refurbishment

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