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When to go: 

The winters are generally dry and misty, and can sometimes be very cold, when the bora blows, bringing fine weather in its wake. This season is however very pleasant and offers the chance to partake in the authentic lifestyle of La Serenissima when it is not deluged by hordes of tourists. The unique acqua alta tide that floods the city from September to April, reinforces the impression of living like a bona-fide Venetian. Winter is also the season of the famous carnival (fortnight in February) when prices rocket and the city of the Doges is transformed into a huge open-air theatre.
The temperatures in spring and autumn are extremely pleasant and the days are sunnier, despite frequent showers.
Finally, in summer, particularly in August, the weather is hot and sticky, exacerbated by the sirocco wind and punctuated by the occasional violent storm. The lagoon is sheathed in a halo of mist that endows it with a distinctive magical presence, but the hordes of holidaymakers and cruise tourists that unfurl over Venice quickly dissipate such romantic whimsies.