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When to go: 

The best time to visit the Russian capital is in early or late summer. In June the temperatures are mild and the days are long. The weather is ideal to linger on restaurant terraces. The programme is the same in September, even if the days are shorter. On the first Saturday of the month, you will be able to take part in the Moscow Day celebrations, in the company of Muscovites and out-of-towners. Free concerts, shows and firework displays pay tribute to the capital.
July and August are hot and humid. Many inhabitants retire to their country dacha, while the cruise boats do a roaring trade on the Volga.
Experiencing a Russian winter will leave you with unique, unforgettable memories. In winter Moscow is worthy of a fairy tale as the golden domes of the churches shine and glitter in the winter sunshine, the snow deadens the noise and bustle and the city gradually turns to ice. You will of course need warm clothes to make the most of the shows staged in the squares and parks during the Russian winter festival from Christmas to early January. Nonetheless, only genuine lovers of freezing cold, dry climates (temperatures can drop to -30°C/-22°F) really appreciate such extreme weather conditions!

Practical info


The big department stores and supermarkets are open on public holidays.

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00 7 495 or 499