Gorod Sankt-Peterburg

Saint Petersburg

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When to go

When to go: 

If you are looking for dry, warm weather, the best time to go is between mid-May and mid-October. However, the city of the Tsars, renowned for its world-famous white nights is particularly packed from mid-June to early July, when scores of shows and events celebrate the long summer days. At this time of the year, it only really gets dark for thirty to forty minutes a day! The hotels, restaurants, shows and museums are taken by storm at this time. Book very far in advance.
You may also be tempted by the prospect of winter in Saint Petersburg. The very cold, long, dry winter is steeped in charm and an ideal moment to walk on the icy Baltic Sea and the Neva, to go cross-country skiing or for a ride in a troika and to enjoy the winter games in the parks, during the Russian winter festival from Christmas to early January, providing you are dressed warmly! Avoid the shoulder seasons, which are rainy and not very pleasant (November and April), unless the prospect of substantial hotel discounts appeals.

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The big department stores and supermarkets are open on public holidays.

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