Einar Wallquist (1896-1985), the "Lapp doctor ", who arrived in Lapland in 1922, created the museum in 1965 in a former Sami school (1854). A crafts shop is now housed in the former classroom. In the basement, visitors can see the doctor's consulting room and a superb collection of Sami (Lapp) crafts including objects for daily and ritual use, and fine silver pieces. The showpiece is a magic drum. On the first floor is an exhibition of Swedish farming tools, which are very plain in comparison with the richly decorated Sami tools.

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80 sek (-16 years old free of charge)

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[mid Jun-mid Aug: 9am-6pm; rest of year: daily except Sun 10am-noon, 1pm-4pm, Sat 10am-2pm]