Parkwood Estate

A visit to Parkwood provides insight into the lifestyle of the immensely wealthy McLaughlin family. Beautifully and tastefully appointed, the house contains priceless antiques from all over the world. Every room has furnishings of the finest woods and fabrics representing the work of skilled craftsmen. This gem of a house is set in some of the most beautiful gardens in the eastern half of Canada. Containing mature trees, manicured lawns and shrubbery, formal gardens, statuary and fountains, they are a delight to wander in. A visit is further enhanced by a stop at the pleasant teahouse set beside a long pool with fountains.

Useful information

Address : 

270 Simcoe-St.-North


+1 905-433-4311

Opening hours

[early Jun-early Sep: 10.30am-5pm; rest of year: daily except Sun and Mon 9am-5pm - telephone for admission charge]

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