Giant's Castle

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Protecting the Cape eland was the motivation for creating this 35 000ha reserve in 1903. Today its territory is shared by over 150 species of birds such as the bald ibis and the bearded vulture. Giant's Castle is also famous for its Main Caves, which have preserved some exceptional rock paintings by the first inhabitants of the region, the Bushmen.

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+27 36 353 3718


40 ZAR

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Oct-Mar: 5am-7pm; Apr-Sep: 6am-6pm

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Drakensberg – natural Zulu border

The mountainous region of KwaZulu-Natal forms a natural and practically impregnable frontier with the kingdom of Lesotho. The ramparts of golden sandstone and basalt summits have become a UNESCO World Heritage Site by virtue of its jaw-dropping landscapes and fascinating rock paintings.