Ranakpur Temples

Highly recommended
The temples of Ranakpur enjoy a secluded location in a cool valley, on the banks of a river that flows into a lake. Along with the sanctuaries at Mount Abu (Rajasthan), Palitana and Junagadh (Gujarat), these temples constitute some of the finest examples of Jain art. The beauty of the complex bears witness to the elegance and opulence of the Jain elite in the 15C. A small community of monks and a colony of langur monkeys are the only residents here. Be aware that Ranakpur is not a village and that you will find no shops or services before Sadri.

Useful information


313001 Sadri


200 Rs

Opening hours

noon-5pm (dusk for secondary temples); remove your shoes and leave any leather item before entering (bags, belts, etc.)

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