Kraton Kesepuhan

Indo-Javanese architecture in all its splendour (15C and 17C) with, inside, a mixture of styles characteristic of the cultural melting pot that Cirebon once was. Above the entrance to this sultan's palace (actually more of a mansion), is a sculpted motif of clouds and rocks; a pattern often found on batiks, but which actually comes from China. Another interesting detail is in the inlaid Delft tiles, which some claim depict biblical scenes! There is also a French-style salon and very European-looking wood panelling.

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Pl. Alun-alun Nord (derrière le marché Kesepuhan) Cirebon


2000 Rp

Opening hours

8am-4pm, Sun 8am-5pm - Guided tour available weekends by a student

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Kraton Kesepuhan Museum