Sumedang Museum

Sumedang boasts one of the island's most interesting museums. It recounts the influential past of the city of Pajajaran, which at the end of the 16C was the capital of the Hindu Sunda Kingdom until it fell under the control of the Muslim kingdom of Banten in 1579. Traditional weapons and diverse objects provide an insight into the dynasties that succeeded each other in West Java up until the 19C: old puppet collections, Chinese ceramics, stuffed animals, and the museum's centrepiece, the magnificent crown jewels of King Prabu Geusan Ulun.

Useful information


Jl. Geusan Ulun 40 Sumedang


+62 261 201714


10000 Rps

Opening hours

8am-noon. Sudanese dance rehearsals at the Royal pavilion Sun 9am-noon