Village of Konda and Ceramic museum of Hyogo

The village of Konda has been producing ceramics since the 12-14C. It is possible to see one of the country's oldest kiln (Tamba-Tachikui Noborigama Kiln) that has been rebuilt. On the other slope, the bold modern architecture of the Museum of Ceramics exhibits very old yellow and blue pieces. Their irregular shapes and rough aspect contrast strikingly with the contemporary works voluntarily displayed next to them. Some 200m/650ft away, the Tachikui Suenosato complex sells handcrafted work by local ceramic artists.

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Opening hours

Hyogo Museum of Ceramic Art: daily except Mon, Apr-Oct 10am-7pm, Nov-Mar 10am-6pm; Tachikui Suenosato shop-exhibition hall: daily Apr-Sep 10am-6pm, Oct-Mar 10am-5pm - Hyogo Museum of Ceramic Art: prices vary depending on exhibitions; Tachikui Suenosato shop-exhibition hall: ¥200; Tamba-Tachikui Noborigama kiln: no charge