Adachi museum of art Japanese garden

Highly recommended
This splendid Japanese garden (over 40 acres) is truly a "work of art". The garden has six different faces, among which a dry landscape garden, a moss garden, a pond, a white gravel garden and a pine wood, all of which against a backdrop of wooded mountains. Visitors do not actually enter the garden, but admire it through the windows of the museum. However, each view is so perfectly landscaped that the windows onto the garden seem to depict genuine living pictures, to the delight of the onlooker.

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320 Furukawa-cho Yasugi


2300 ¥

Opening hours

Apr-Sep: 9am-5.30pm; rest of year: 9am-5pm

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Adachi Museum of Art Adachi Museum of Art
Adachi Museum of Art