Kotohira-gu shrine (Konpira-san)

Kotohira-gu shrine, frequently referred to as Konpira-san, attracts nearly 4 million pilgrims every year. It was built in the 11C in honour of the Omono-nushi kami who protects seamen and fishermen. A high 1,300-step climb leads to the inner shrine, Okusha, on top of Mount Zozu (521m). On the way up, go into the Shoin (17C), whose walls are adorned with some fine painted panels and into the Ema-do, a pavilion devoted to the sea.

Useful information


940-0038 Kotohira

Opening hours

1hr by train from Takamatsu, by JR Dosan (¥850) or Kotoden (¥620) lines

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