Ritsurin-koen Garden

Highly recommended
It took 120 years, between 1625 and 1745, to develop the definitive layout of Ritsurin-koen Garden! It would be difficult to enumerate all the assets of this Japanese garden: it is a true work of open-air art, occupying 16ha (75ha if you include Mt Shiun, which acts as a backdrop). Lakes, rolling hills, bridges and buildings harmoniously integrated into the overall picture, flowers and trees galore, and a spectacle of natural beauty with changes with each season ... A truly elegant setting for a stroll, taking in the road lined by black pines and the Moon Pavilion, where you can enjoy a tea.

Useful information


760-8571 Takamatsu


410 ¥

Opening hours

By rail, JR Ritsuin-koen-kitaguchi Station or Kotoden Ritsurin-koen Station; No  4 or 5 bus - 7am-5pm

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