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The small town of Uchiko has been specialised in the production of plant wax derived from the berries of the sumac tree used to manufacture candles, furniture wax and cosmetics, since the 18C. The town has retained some lovely houses dating from the Edo period, in particular on Yokaichi Street. The Kami-Haga edifice is home to a small museum devoted to wax production. The kabuki Uchiko-za playhouse, built in the early 20C, is also worth a visit.

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Uchiko-za playhouse Uchiko-za playhouse
Uchiko-za playhouse
The Uchiko-za, the kabuki playhouse...
Yokaichi Street
Yokaichi Street
At Uchiko, make a beeline for...
Kami-Haga-tei House Kami-Haga-tei House
Kami-Haga-tei House
The town of Uchiko has retained a few...