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The land of the pampa, home to the legendary gauchos conjures up images of action-packed adventure! In Argentina, grandiose, unspoiled landscapes stretch out into distant horizons and the desert highways seem to roll on for ever! We cannot recommend the amazing Route 40 enough, the genuine backbone of this country that stretches out for over 5,000km/3,000mi from the mythical Patagonia to the Bolivian border. It will take you to the architectural heritage of elegant Salta, the magnificent parks of Cuyo dotted with high Andes peaks, blood-red canyons and multi-coloured mountains, to the superb glaciers of the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares...
If you have a head for heights and a taste for adventure, head for the Andes on board the Train to the clouds, or take a closer look at the spectacular Iguazú falls, tucked away in the heart of the jungle. Those who aren't scared of the cold, should make a stop at Ushuaia, in the legendary Land of Fire.
But Argentina should also be viewed through the perspective of its turbulent capital, Buenos Aires, whose cultural creativity is inexhaustible. Take a seat on one of its delightful café terraces, before possibly daring to take a few steps to the beat of a tango on the dance floor of a milonga.

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Iguaçu Falls Iguaçu Falls
Iguaçu Falls
Iguazú Falls Iguazú Falls
Iguazú Falls
Puerto Iguazú
Parque Nacional los Glaciares Parque Nacional los Glaciares
Parque Nacional los Glaciares
El Calafate
Parque Nacional Talampaya Parque Nacional Talampaya
Parque Nacional Talampaya
Villa Unión
Valdés Peninsula Valdés Peninsula
Valdés Peninsula
Puerto Pirámides
Quebrada de las Conchas Quebrada de las Conchas
Quebrada de las Conchas

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