Valparaiso Hills

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The lower town of Valparaíso follows a geometrical layout around the port, while behind it the town extends up into the hills, a maze of colonial houses, which are accessed via an ingenious system of ascensores (lifts), funiculars built from the 1880s onwards. This unique part of Valparaíso is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Chile: the ascensores of Valparaiso, an endangered heritage

As emblematic as its painted houses, Valparaiso’s funicular elevators attest to the city’s golden age. As transportation to the heights, they offer a magnificent view of the port and its bay. But apart from the four ascensores that now cater to the tourist trade, the other elevators may well be left to ruin due to technical and financial problems.

Chile: Valparaiso, graffiti street art

Valparaiso port, in the centre of Chile, has been for the last twenty years or so, a centre of graffiti, the origins of which date back to street art traditions which began in the 1960s during the political unrest under Allende.

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