San Agustín Archaeological Park

Highly recommended
Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, San Agustín Archaeological Park is an extraordinary site, with its hundreds of standing stones, its crypts guarded by impressive statues and its eternally silent funerary tumuli that look down on the scene from above. The remains are scattered along the two banks of the imposing canyon formed by the Magdalena River, around the towns of San Agustín and San José de Isnos. A fascinating site!

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+57 1 5619700


25000 COP

Opening hours

Abr-nov 10-19; resto del año 10-17.30.

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Colombia, the new Eldorado of biodiversity

Colombia is most definitely on the rise! Done with the FARC! Done with Pablo Escobar! The country has recently undergone a laudable transformation, with its president Juan Manuel Santos receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016 for his work in favour of peace and the renewal of tourism with scores of visitors returning to this El Dorado that so beguiled the Conquistadors. 

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