Guatemala : 4 reports


The mysteries of Tikal unveiled

The greatest Maya city of Guatemala fascinates tourists as much as it does archaeologists. The former explore the jungle-tangled temples and acropolises jaw struck, while the latter tirelessly pursue their research into the lifestyle and reasons for the fall of the capital of this once powerful kingdom.
Tikal Tikal
El Remate

Antigua Guatemala, the comeback of Jade

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic town is also renowned for its unique craft jewellery industry. After many centuries of oblivion, the Mayas’ precious stone has once again become the pride and joy of Guatemala.

Pastores : home to Far West-style handicrafts

A small town near Antigua Guatemala boasts a craft industry devoted to handmade leather cowboy boots. A skill set greatly appreciated by a foreign clientele. 

Latin America’s most beautiful landscapes

Quite literally strewn with natural wonders, the South American continent is a land of exceptional landscapes. Here are a few of the most spectacular, from a list that is far from exhaustive.
Parque Nacional Torres del Paine
Parque Nacional Torres del Paine
Puerto Natales