Tacaná Volcano

Tacaná is the first summit in the volcanic chain that crosses Central America and the highest peak in Chiapas (4,093 m). Fumaroles and hot springs attest to its activity, but that hasn't stopped the locals from living and farming on its slopes. Above 2,700 m you enter the only really cold part of Chiapas, where the vegetation becomes rarer and more cropped. The Chiquihuite belvedere, at an altitude of about 2,000m, affords views of the Pacific on one side (in clear weather), and of the Guatemalan peaks on the other side.

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Opening hours

Chiquihuite is the starting point for hikes on the slopes of the volcano (guide recommended). The first « mirador » is a 2hr30 walk. Ascent to the crater (Nov-Apr): 6hrs - a good physical condition is required - contact a guide in Union Juárez