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Crystal-clear Caribbean seas, dark green thick forests, innumerable sports activities and the prospect of long hours relaxing and idling the time away... Such are a few of the many appeals of Martinique, always a hit with visitors!
The island is dominated by the impressive outline of Pelée mountain whose lush green slopes are a magnificent playground for hikers. Once past Fort-de-France, the island's main city nestling in Flemish Bay, the South reveals fantastic white sandy beaches and the rich underwater landscape of the Caribbean. So let's go snorkelling!
While many visitors have a tendency to stop exploring the island once they reach the southernmost tip of the island and the famous beach of Grande Anse des Salines, the Atlantic seaboard is fully worth a journey, with its jagged coastline, amazing Caravelle nature reserve, mangroves and elegant plantation mansions hidden in a sea of banana and sugar cane fields: if you would like to know more about how rum is made, we recommend a visit to the well-known Clément house.
We wager you will fall in love with this Caribbean island, rich in vivid colours and lush vegetation and more than equal to its picturesque nickname, "island of flowers"!

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Michelin's recommendations for Martinique

Balata Garden Balata Garden
Balata Garden
Nature Reserve of La Caravelle Nature Reserve of La Caravelle
Nature Reserve of La Caravelle
La Trinité
Habitation Clément Habitation Clément
Habitation Clément
Le François
Coastal headlands path
Coastal headlands path
Le Vauclin
Beaches of the St Anne peninsula Beaches of the St Anne peninsula
Beaches of the St Anne peninsula
Caravelle peninsula Caravelle peninsula
Caravelle peninsula
La Trinité

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