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Mythical Inca sites, grandiose panoramas and a hospitable, smiling population - all this awaits you in Peru, which continues to weave its magical spell over travellers.
To immerse yourself completely in Peru's Pre-Columbian past, you will of course pay homage to the country's undisputed star attraction, Machu Picchu. From there, continue to Cuzco, cradle of the Inca empire, but also a lively, thriving city famous for its excellent art and crafts. Far more urban and over-crowded, the capital Lima on the Pacific Coast, is home to fascinating museums. Arequipa, tucked away in the Atacama desert, is proud of its historic centre and Santa Catalina convent.
From here, you will begin a new journey. Make a beeline for the cañon del Colca where you will be on the lookout for the morning flight of the condors. Fly over the enigmatic Nazca lines which never fail to impress! Leave Huaraz in the company of a guide for a trek in the Cordillera blanca, admiring the turquoise lagoon of Llanganuco on your way. Get to know the Peruvians on an island on the unavoidable Lake Titicaca. Go surfing on the Pacific Coast and spend a night in the Amazon Forest!

Must see

Michelin's recommendations for Pérou

Fortress of Kuélap Fortress of Kuélap
Fortress of Kuélap
Santa Catalina Convent Santa Catalina Convent
Santa Catalina Convent
Parque nacional del Manu Parque nacional del Manu
Parque nacional del Manu
Boca Manu
Cuzco Cathedral Cuzco Cathedral
Cuzco Cathedral
Museo Tumbas Reales of Sipán Museo Tumbas Reales of Sipán
Museo Tumbas Reales of Sipán
Intihuatana Intihuatana
Aguas Caliente

Our reports

Kuelap, the Machu Picchu of the north

High-perched at almost 3,000m/10,00ft, this fortress was erected in the 10th century by a Pre-Incan civilization, the Chachapoyas. This jewel of northern Peru, located in the Amazonas region, can now be reached by cable car.


Recently excavated Pre-Incan treasures

Finely chiselled gold jewellery and puma-shaped, stirrup-spout earthenware bottles – the recent discoveries of the Moche culture unearthed at the Trujillo archaeological site and in the tomb at Lambayaque bear witness to the expert craft skills of the early Andean cities along the northern coast of Peru.


Peru: a hymn to nature

The osmosis between Incan culture and nature is nowhere more visible than in the Sacred Valley. Temples, agricultural sites and towns are devoted to the glory of nature, still unspoiled and still worshipped by its inhabitants.