Fortress of Kuélap

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Undoubtedly built in several stages, from the 8C to the 11C, the walled settlement of Kuélap was the largest edifice of the Chachapoya kingdom. Its huge proportions, protected by narrow entrances and a precipice, extend over 7 hectares. Don't miss the remains of some thirty, circular-shaped houses (of which there were 500 previously); the Templo Mayor, a holy shrine; the stunning view over the Cordillera, which dominates a gigantic geological fault.

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8am-4pm (last cable car ride up 2.30pm) - check first ride online

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Kuelap, the Machu Picchu of the north

High-perched at almost 3,000m/10,00ft, this fortress was erected in the 10th century by a Pre-Incan civilization, the Chachapoyas. This jewel of northern Peru, located in the Amazonas region, can now be reached by cable car.