Machu Picchu

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Imagine the surprise of Hiram Bingham, when he discovered the city of Machu Picchu in 1911. This almost intact entire Inca city is perched on a rocky outcrop at an altitude of almost 2,400m. Now the emblem of Peru, it is also the object of continuing discussions and questions. What role did it play? Why did the Spanish never loot this city? From the terraced crops to the working-class and imperial residences, without forgetting the places of worship and astronomic observatories, the site continues to intrigue and mystify, but above all to enchant the visitor.

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Aguas Calientes


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Peru : a hymn to nature

The osmosis between Incan culture and nature is nowhere more visible than in the Sacred Valley. Temples, agricultural sites and towns are devoted to the glory of nature, still unspoiled and still worshipped by its inhabitants.

Kuelap, the Machu Picchu of the north

High-perched at almost 3,000m/10,00ft, this fortress was erected in the 10th century by a Pre-Incan civilization, the Chachapoyas. This jewel of northern Peru, located in the Amazonas region, can now be reached by cable car.

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