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It is impossible not to fall in love with Belgium and all its diversity!
This tiny country has no lack of varied landscapes from the dunes of the North Sea, thick forests of the Ardennes and the immense windswept polders of the Namur Meuse to the spectacular cave concretions of Han cave and lush green valley of Amblève. The same variety is true of its culinary heritage, which extends far beyond the somewhat clichéd mussels and chips, embracing Gent's waterzoï and Flemish hotpot... All of which washed down with a Belgian beer, of which there is said to be one for every day of the year...
Belgium is also famous for its cities of art, as a spin down the canals of Bruges, the "Venice of the North", a pause on the Grand-Place, one of the most beautiful in the world, of Brussels and a visit to the cathedral of Tournai, the country's most unusual religious edifice, will convince you! Belfries, town halls and canals blend together to paint bewitching urban landscapes.
The country is however firmly anchored in the present and its vibrant creativity can be felt in fields as varied as cartoons, fashion, contemporary art installations and dance troupes. Belgium is truly full of surprises!

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Michelin's recommendations for Belgique

Grand-Place Grand-Place
Mont des Arts Mont des Arts
Mont des Arts
Grotte de Han Grotte de Han
Grotte de Han
Notre Dame Cathedral of Tournai Notre Dame Cathedral of Tournai
Notre Dame Cathedral of Tournai
Memling museum Memling museum
Memling museum
Hôtel de ville Hôtel de ville
Hôtel de ville

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Just how medieval is Bruges?

When you take a tour of Bruges, your guide is certain to draw your attention to the Bonifaciusbrug (The Bridge of St Boniface). You will be told that this quaint medieval structure is the city's oldest bridge. But scan the nearby shops selling antique postcards and engravings of the city and you will not find any that depict the bridge. Why? Because it isn't medieval at all. The city's oldest bridge was erected here in 1910 !