National Park of Risnjak

This park covers some 3400 ha around Risnjak peak. A climatic and plant barrier between the Mediterranean coast and the hinterland, it stretches out for miles as far as the eye can see onto virgin forest, impregnable summits and an amazingly shaped relief, such as the springs of Kupa. Founded in 1953 by the botanist, Dr Ivo Horvat, its isolation has preserved this unspoilt wilderness, home to rich and varied fauna (wolves, lynx and bears etc.). Access to the park is highly regulated but the discovery path of Leska and Lake Lokve offer an excellent idea of the park's landscape.

Useful information


Bijela Vodica, 20271 Crni Lug

Opening hours

Park house (Uprava Nacionalnog parka Risnjak)-Crni Lug - Bijela Vodica 48 - - 9am-5pm, weekends 9am-6pm - 45kn