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Imagine endlessly varied landscapes, preserved buildings from across the ages and works in every style, museums of international calibre, an abundance of natural splendours: you are in France, the top tourist destination in the world.
The destination ticks so many boxes, the hardest thing, or the most enjoyable, will be for you to choose what to do. Sea or mountains? Town or country? Warm or cool? Past, present or future? Michelin-starred restaurant or neighbourhood bistro? Fête de la Musique or traditional carnival? Diversity reigns supreme, and all the better for holidaymakers!
Brittany and its windy coastline, the colourful Basque Country with one foot in Spain, Paris and the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Côte d'Azur and its seaside resorts, Mont Blanc, Mont St-Michel, the châteaux of the Loire Valley… The list is endless.
France is also a mosaic of regions, each with its own distinct identity, enriched by its unique skills and traditions. Join in the fêtes organised in the small villages, meet artisans, and sample the food, because the most delicious specialities, starting with wines and cheeses, await you in the four corners of France.

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Michelin's recommendations for France

Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims
Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims
The Marais The Marais
The Marais
Jumièges Abbey Jumièges Abbey
Jumièges Abbey
The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower
Cathedral Cathedral
The Aval Cliff The Aval Cliff
The Aval Cliff

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Le Panier, a stroll through the old Marseille

Built on the site of the ancient Greek Massalia, the Panier is a typically Mediterranean district with colour-washed facades. The historic refuge of seafarers and generations of immigrants, the Panier is a peaceful haven, still working-class.
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Odile Tassi, in the heart of Provencal Drôme’s lavender fields

In Provencal Drôme, a woman with piercing lavender-blue (what else!) eyes transforms this much-loved plant into an order to breathe in deeply!
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An excursion to the Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg

Watching it appear through the morning mists is a magical experience. This 270-metre long fortress roosting nearly 800 metres high is neither a mirage nor a ‘Grande Illusion’, in reference to the name of the film that Jean Renoir shot here in 1937. The rocky promontory upon which the castle is built overlooks all of the routes that cross through Alsace: wine, wheat and salt.
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