Branféré Wildlife and Botanical Park- Parcabout

This magical estate may lack tigers and reptiles but its 60 ha are home to over 2000 animals which roam in almost total freedom. Monkeys, cervidae, lamas, wallabies, tapir, maned wolves, red pandas, yaks and other species can be seen in addition to all sorts of birds nearer to the château - a genuine Noah's Ark. The park prides itself on allowing each species to live as closely as possible in its own natural biotope. Some of the trees were planted in the 18C.

Useful information


Branféré, 56190 Le Guerno


+33 2 97 42 94 66


21.50 € (-12 years old 14.50 €)

Opening hours

mid Jul-end Aug: 8.30am-9.30pm; end Mar-mid Jul: 10am-6.30pm; rest of year: 10am-6pm - closed Dec-Feb