Presqu'île de Scandola

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The Scandola peninsula rises to a maximum height of 560m between Punta Rossa to the south and Punta Nera to the north. Situated to the north of the Gulf of Girolata, it can be reached by boat from Punta Muchillina, skirting the jagged coastline. Diagonal light-coloured stripes contrast with the dark rocky peaks and the eye is greeted with needles soaring upwards, huge boulders in the form of islets, and headlands jutting into the sea, some crowned with a tower. In the distance, it is possible to make out a few patches of green. The islet of Garganello flanks that of Gargalo, whose lighthouse marks the westernmost part of Corsica. You will then see Punta Palazzu, bristling with rocks, and Punta Nera, which frame the ravine of Elbo to the north of the reserve. The boat then approaches a narrow gully soaked in sea spray, and enters a cave of exceptionally transparent waters before changing course. Life clings to the sheer cliff faces, as bushes and even trees attempt to put down their roots. On lofty peaks, hidden by their nests of branches, osprey lie in wait for their prey, seemingly keeping watch over this wild universe.

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Réserve naturelle de Scandola

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