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Haute-Normandie will cater to appetites for sea air, nature and culture.
On the Côte d'Albâtre ("Alabaster Coast"), the gigantic, chalky cliffs of Étretat are an absolute must-see, but the dynamic ports are also worth the trip: Le Havre, which trades with partners all over the world, or Dieppe and the incessant shuttling of ferries to the English coast. The pebble beaches are also a pretty sight; located in the hanging hills (valleuses), they are particularly photogenic at low tide.
Away from the coast, its land, its forests and its marshland will charm nature lovers thanks to its fine, well-tended gardens and deep, verdant valleys. Go back up the Seine following its bends, dotted with majestic abbeys, such as Jumièges, a gem of Romanesque art. The river guides you to Rouen and its fabulous cathedral.
A visit to Claude Monet's gardens in Giverny is the finishing touch to this enchanting programme of events, giving you an insight into the universe of the master of Impressionnist painting.

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Jumièges Abbey Jumièges Abbey
Jumièges Abbey
The Aval Cliff The Aval Cliff
The Aval Cliff
Rouen Cathedral Rouen Cathedral
Rouen Cathedral
Old Rouen Old Rouen
Old Rouen
Rouen Museum of Fine Art Rouen Museum of Fine Art
Rouen Museum of Fine Art
Sainte-Catherine area Sainte-Catherine area
Sainte-Catherine area

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Giverny, cradle of Impressionism

Claude Monet first caught sight of the peaceful village of Giverny from a train window on a trip to Normandy. He fell in love with the village and spent over 40 years here, from 1883 to his death in 1926. The artist painted a number of works in the surrounding countryside, including the Poplars series, Haystacks and countless works depicting family bliss with his wife Alice and her children. The garden in front of the pink, green-shuttered house became a work of art that the great contemplator of nature nurtured and tended over the years and which inspired, among others, his famous and prolific Water Lilies series.