France: Cassoulet, a specialty originally from Languedoc

Cassoulet owes its name to the cassole in which it is served. Alain Chabrier makes his cassoulet with carrots, lamb and lashings of generosity.



Toulouse has its feet in the Garonne River and its nose in the clouds, or poised over a piping hot dish of cassoulet! I can already hear the purists witheringly comment “Clichés!” But if you were born, bred and fed in Toulouse, you will know that it is impossible to separate cassoulet from the pink city. However not all cassoulets are equally worthy and the most expensive are not necessarily the best. To be sure not to be disappointed, head for the Alain Chabrier's cassoulet! What is the secret of this dish that you can hear breathe and almost whistle if you listen carefully? The quality of the ingredient, naturally, and a great deal of patience, too. Alain Chabrier, cassoulet master, invites you to dinner.




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Gautier Battistella

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