Bioparc de Doué-la-Fontaine

This zoo, in a superb troglodyte site, offers an exceptional home to a thousand animals living in semi-liberty. Waterfalls, acacia and bamboo provide the natural backdrop for the species that live here, most of which are endangered, and you may be lucky enough to see one of the zoo's new-borns. The aviary devoted to South American birds is particularly impressive. Giraffes, rhinoceros and red pandas live next to leopards, okapis, penguins and vultures!

Useful information


103 rue de Cholet - Doué-la-Fontaine, 49700 Doué-en-Anjou


+33 2 41 59 18 58


22.50 € (-11 years old 17 €)

Opening hours

Jul-Aug: 9am-7.30pm; Apr-Jun and Sep: 9am-7pm; Oct-Nov: 10am-6.30pm; Feb-Mar: 10am-6pm