Mont Sainte Victoire

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East of Aix-en-Provence lies Mt Sainte Victoire, which reaches a height of 1 011m at its peak, the Pic des Mouches. Its sheer face, creating a silhouette that is evocative of the entire region, is best seen from the Croix de Provence (945m). The D10 will take you there and, beyond that, to the Château de Vauvenargues, where Picasso is buried, and to the wooded Infernet gorge. Drive round the mountain and head back towards Aix, enjoying the beautiful views of its slopes as you do (a stop at Beaurecueil is a must).

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13080 Aix-en-Provence

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access to the Massif is strictly regulated from 1 Jun-30 Sep. Open to visitors 6am-11am morning, areas can be closed in case of fire hazard. Inquire before visit ([TEL] 0811 201 313)

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