Megève, a ski resort rich in sensations

Since its beginnings, this chic resort in the French Alps has constantly reinvented itself. Offering a varied array of pleasures, Megève is a unique experience.

There are magical names that easily withstand the test of time. Say ‘Megève’, and the eyes of your partner will begin to sparkle. The grandiose panorama; well-conserved traditional architecture; an ambience that manages to be chic, glamorous and relaxed all at once; tempting gourmet dining options (notably triple-starred Emmanuel Renault); skiing and all the other sports: voilà the Megève experience.

The environs of the town are as charming as they come. From dark conifer forests to the rolling slopes of La Giettaz, Rochebrune and Le Mont d’Arbois via the snow-coated beauty of Mont Joly, so many contrasts to enjoy!  Belonging to the Mont Blanc range in the heart of the Alps, over 400 kilometres of slopes reaching as high as 2350 metres are served by 107 lifts here. Along with Combloux, La Giettaz, Saint-Gervais, Saint-Nicolas-de-Véroce and Les Contamines, Megève is part of the Évasion Mont Blanc ski area.

One can also leave skiing behind and discover the charms of a snowshoe excursion that leaves from the hamlet of Le Planay and its well-preserved traditional farms. The natural environment under Mont Joly is simply splendid as one moves along in silence, senses heightened, watching for animal tracks. This is just one of thirty or so excursions that Megève has to offer.

Another experience worth trying: a tour above the Mont Blanc mountain range in a monoplane, gliding overhead blue glaciers, sweeping by rocky spires and watching the sun surge above the tip of the Mont Blanc, the tutelary giant of the site. 

Useful information

Office de tourisme de Megève

Megève raquettes



Hôtel Le M
15, route de Rochebrune, 74120 Megève.


Flocons de sel
1775, route du Leutaz, 74120 Megève.

Flocons village
75 route Saint-François, 74120 Megève

La Ferme de Joseph Socquet
259, route du Coin, 74120 Megève.