Rhône-Alpes : 3 reports


France: Avoriaz, 50 years on and still in the vanguard!

Inaugurated in 1966, this futuristic resort still remains a model of town planning and conviviality. Its aficionados, skiers, tourists seeking peace and quiet or nostalgic for the seventies, nurse an unfailing loyalty to it...

Megève, a ski resort rich in sensations

Since its beginnings, this chic resort in the French Alps has constantly reinvented itself. Offering a varied array of pleasures, Megève is a unique experience.
Secrets d’habitant

Odile Tassi, in the heart of Provencal Drôme’s lavender fields

In Provencal Drôme, a woman with piercing lavender-blue (what else!) eyes transforms this much-loved plant into an order to breathe in deeply!
Château de Grignan Château de Grignan
Château de Grignan