Spinalónga Peninsula

With its floating citadel and desert terrain, Spinalonga Peninsula (or Kolokytha) protects the coast, from Elounda to Plaka. It is reached by a causeway that starts at the port and crosses an isthmus across which the French dug a canal in the late 19C. Near the bridge, guarded by old windmills, the vestiges of the saltpans can be seen; they were exploited until the 1970s. The different paths lead to little chapels and adorable creeks.

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Crete : Elounda, luxury, calm and grilled fish

Once upon a time there was a land of rock and sun, forgotten by the gods, with a tormented history. At present, the same land is a gorgeous haven caressed by the turquoise sea. Welcome to Elounda, a small coastal town in the north of Crete.

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