Diktean Cave

The famousDiktean Cave is supposed to have sheltered Rhea as she gave birth to Zeus, the future master of the gods and of the universe. It was also a place of worship from the Middle Minoan period. Perched at an altitude of 1 025m, it is the main attraction in the region. The cavern, down into which visitors take a very steep staircase, is made up of a large chamber. Lower down, this divides into four annexes, then you reach a tiny subterranean lake.

Useful information


720 52 Psyró


+30 2841 022462

Opening hours

May-Oct: 8.30am-5pm; rest of year: 8.30am-2.30pm - €4 - €2 parking - access in 20min on foot by a walkway paved with big rocks, or riding on donkey: ascent €15, round trip €20

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