Blue Lagoon

Highly recommended
The Blue Lagoon, created by run-off from a nearby thermal plant, is on Reykjanes Peninsula, a lava field with open-air volcanic and geothermal activity. The lagoon offers swimmers its warm and salutary opaline waters. Guaranteed relaxation in a lunar - and very popular - landscape.

Useful information


240 Grindavík


+354 420 8800


6100 kr

Opening hours

Jun: 7am-11pm, Jul-Aug: 7am-midnight, Sep: 8am-10pm, Oct-Dec: 8am-9pm, rest of year: 8am-10pm - online booking highly recommended

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A trip to Iceland: what to see in 4 days?

The volcanic island of Iceland is paradise for geologists, volcanologists, photographers and nature lovers. Its position, astride the Mid-Atlantic ridge and on a hotspot, the Iceland plume, led to the island’s formation. It is possible to see the drifting of the continents in real time and observe all manner of volcanic edifices, geysers, hot springs and fumaroles, as well as explore lava tunnels and embark on your very own Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

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