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The 10 best streetfood destinations in the world

Eating on the street does not always mean eating on the go. Some countries have made street food a genuine culinary art as evidenced by destinations such as Bangkok and Singapore, where some stalls have even received a star in the MICHELIN guide. Here is a quick overview of the thousand and one street flavours across the globe.
Borough Market Borough Market
Borough Market

The 10 scariest places in the world

Buildings made from human bones, macabre, haunted and abandoned places… welcome to our selection of the world’s scariest places, each with a spooky atmosphere that could easily serve as the backdrop for the most terrifying horror films.
Kutná Hora Ossuary Kutná Hora Ossuary
Kutná Hora Ossuary
Kutná Hora

MICHELIN guide Italy 2018 - the new selection

Michelin is delighted to unveil the new selection in the MICHELIN guide Italy 2018, which has a total of 356 starred restaurants.

Tuscany, spa paradise

Petrified waterfalls, swimming pools and spas… Tuscany is riddled with natural hot springs whose healing properties have been known since Antiquity. We have selected four destinations worthy of a detour in the province of Sienna.
Orcia Valley Orcia Valley
Orcia Valley

What are the new wonders of the world?

You may know all the seven wonders of the world, but what about the seven new wonders of the world?
Chichén Itzá Chichén Itzá
Chichén Itzá
Récit de voyageur

Discover Venice along the lagoon

It’s a bit of a “chicken and egg” situation. Without the lagoon, Venice would not be Venice but without Venice, the lagoon would not be a lagoon. 550 km² of water – in other words one of the biggest lagoons in the world: Venice is beautiful because it reigns supreme in the midst of a liq...
Laguna veneta Laguna veneta
Laguna veneta

EUR, an Italianate architectural folly

Built to the glory of Mussolini for a universal exhibition that never took place, the EUR neighbourhood of Rome provides a unique testimony to the extravagance of Italy’s Fascist past.
EUR District
EUR District

A gourmet stroll in Parma

The town of Verdi and Toscanini is to be savoured in small doses, like an operatic aria, or rather like a glass of nicely chilled Lambrusco served on the terrace of a trattoria... Parma, with all due respect to Milan which would gladly pinch its title, remains THE gastronomic capital of Italy.
Parma Baptistry Parma Baptistry
Parma Baptistry

Discover the new starred restaurants of the MICHELIN Italy Guide 2017

The MICHELIN Guide has chosen Parma, a UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy, for the launch of the new MICHELIN Guide to Italy 2017. Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma ham, balsamic vinegar, cappelletti and anolini… Verdi's city is without a doubt one of the greatest gourmet destinations in the world...

Culatello by the Spigaroli Brothers

Do you know what the Rolls Royce of Italian ham is? With scarcely 15,000 hams produced by approximately fifteen producers per year it has to be the Culatello di Zibello. The variety made by the Spigaroli brothers, whose ancestors were the suppliers of Giuseppe Verdi, is worth making an excursion in order to sample it.


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