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Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island and quite simply outstanding.
Bathed in sunshine, its coast is lined in sandy beaches, tiny creeks and sheer cliffs and dotted with islets rich in colour and heady scents. The landscape is truly breathtaking and will often stop you dead in your tracks, as you venture from the heights of Etna to the sublime site of Taormina, on to Palermo, its bustling capital overflowing with charm and Syracuse, whose splendour and serenity are often unsettling.
Seaside resorts give way to temples overgrown with vegetation and basking in the sunshine, the stucco of baroque palaces alternates with mosaics in Roman villas, while the high plateaux riddled with gorges are carpeted in thick forest.
Along your way, you will soon become familiar with the mouthwatering aroma of aromatic herbs, dried tomatoes, fresh bread and pasta con le sarde (sardine paté).

Must see

Michelin's recommendations for Sicily

Taormina Greek Theatre  Taormina Greek Theatre
Taormina Greek Theatre
Le theatre was built by the Greeks...
Etna  Etna
Etna is both the emblem of Sicily...
Monreale Cathedral (Duomo)  Monreale Cathedral (Duomo)
Monreale Cathedral (Duomo)
The cathedral was built in 1172 by...
Casale Roman Villa  Casale Roman Villa
Casale Roman Villa
The magnificent villa of Casale owes...
Segesta Temple  Segesta Temple
Segesta Temple
The temple stands on a butte...
Ascencione dell'Etna  Ascencione dell'Etna
Ascencione dell'Etna
The ascent can be from the south...