Cascate di Stanghe

The Stanghe Waterfalls crash down from a narrow, winding gorge carved out by the water and streaked in places with white and green. You can sometimes cross the crevices by taking the wooden footbridges anchored in the rock. A circuit that takes you through the gorge and into the woods behind the village is really enjoyable. You can also climb down alongside the waterfalls (leave your car at the top, near the cafeteria and the chapel) and go back up by path no 13, which crosses the prairies and affords a fine view over the pastures opposite.

Useful information


Via Brennero, 39040 Stanghe


+39 0472 760608


4 €

Opening hours

May-early Nov: 9.30am-5.30pm (Jul-Aug 9am-6pm)

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