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Récit de voyageur

Discover Venice along the lagoon

It’s a bit of a “chicken and egg” situation. Without the lagoon, Venice would not be Venice but without Venice, the lagoon would not be a lagoon. 550 km² of water – in other words one of the biggest lagoons in the world: Venice is beautiful because it reigns supreme in the midst of a liq...
Laguna veneta Laguna veneta
Laguna veneta

An escapade to the Italian lakes

Fancy a romantic weekend? The Italian lake district offers an idyllic combination of nature and culture. A perfect climate, superlative landscapes, heavenly villas and lakeside leisure activities… From Roman emperors to George Clooney without forgetting Stendhal, these lakes have ever appealed to a discerning elite. So why not you?
Lago di Como Lago di Como
Lago di Como

Castello: the Venetians' Venice!

You may feel the urge to put some distance between yourself and the jam-packed Piazza San Marco. Rest assured, life continues as normal in the Venetians' Venice, for example in Castello, a bustling working-class district fifteen minutes east of the Piazza San Marco. In the biggest and most hig...
Castello Castello